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South Lebanon ( 28/5/2000 )  -

A Group of High School Professors "Asatizat Al Taalim al Sanayi "  from Tripoli organized a Trip to the liberated South. correspondent joined the trip and came back with the following report about all the activities that took place:

The departure was at 6:15 from Tripoli by two shuttles and the arrival was at 7:3- to Beirut. The gathering point was at " Omar Farroukh " where groups of professors from all over Lebanon met and the trip to the south started

Click to Enlarge - Photo by : Eng. Lamia KHAYAT - Info: Lebanese Dabkeh , Professors celebrating the Liberation of the South

passing by Khaldeh,Al Damour ,Al Jiyyeh , Barja , Seblin and Saida ( the Capital of the South ) where a visit took place  to Saida stadium, Kalaa Al Bahriyeh,khan Al ifranj , Saida Harbour and Jameh Al-Baher ( Sea Mosque ). After that we headed to Nabatiyyeh passing by Deir Al Zahrani , Habboush , Kafar Roumman , Al nabatiyyah Al fawka , Kafar Tebnit ( the famous gate ) . We then visited the newly liberated areas of Ali Al-Taher , Al -Babsheh , and kalaat Al-Shkif which is a very old Citadel built in the 12th century and it was one of the most important military sites that the Israeli caused damages to its towers before their withdrawal. We passed after that by Al-Jariq which is a very rich area in water.

On the way , we could see the military sites which were occupied by the Israeli's and that was shelling on the local people day and night and specially Al-Zaffata site.After that we proceeded to Al-Laytani , Jisr Al-Kharadli ( al kharadli bridge ) ,Deir Mimas ,  then to Al-Khiyam where all groups gathered and witnessed the what the detainees suffered and how hard it was for them

Click to Enlarge - Photo taken by : Eng. Lamia KHAYAT -  Info: Mou'takal Al-Khiam

Click to Enlarge - Photo taken by : Eng. Lamia KHAYAT -  Info: Mou'takal Al-Khiam

. We continued our way to Jdeidet Marjeyon , Al Koleiaa , Kafar Kela , and stood on the borders facing the Electric fence and overlooking the Israeli settlements of " Al-Mtelleh " , "Iskaf- aam " , on our way back , we passed by AL-oudayseh , Markabah , Al-tayybeh , Houla , Meys Al Jabal , Blida , Aaytaroun , Bint Jbeil , Kounin ,  Beit Yahoon that was completely destroyed by the Israelis , Tebnin , Haris,  Yater , Kafra , Saddikin , Kana , Hanouyeh , Al hosh , Sour , Al-Sarafand , Sayda , Beirut and finally Tripoli.

Click to Enlarge - Photo taken by : Eng. Lamia KHAYAT


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