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Places to visit in Tripoli-Lebanon :
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There is few statues in the City of Tripoli. At the entrance of the city (in Bahsas ) you find a modern monument symbolizing the modern city of Tripoli.

Also , there is a beautiful monument near Al-Tell square that was sponsored by " Abdul Rahman Al-Hallab " and it symbolize the Lemon leave that Tripoli is famous of . The monument can be seen in the picture at night.

Another modern monument is found at the entrance of El-Mina , it symbolizes the small fishing boats that are very famous in El-Mina.

Also a first of its kind Statue in El-Mina is the " Computers Statue " which is composed of several hundreds computers.

At the Entrance of El-Mina we can also find a nice Statue representing the sails of a Chip,this one was recently constructed.

Moving toward the Harbor and next to the bridge that links El-Mina to "Abdel Wahab Island",we find another statue symbolizing the Albatross.

Photo Gallery

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Click here to Enlarge - Photo by : Eng. Nabil KHAYAT

Computer Statue - Al Mina

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Sails statue in Al Mina

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Albatross Statue in Al Mina

tripoli-2001-21-mod-icon.jpg (6106 bytes)

Al-Hallab Statue




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