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St.Nicolas (Sabaa) Church

Churches to visit in Tripoli-Lebanon :
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) St.George
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) St.John
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) St.Joseph
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) St.Mary
WB00827_.GIF (132 bytes) St.Nicolas

It is beleived that this  Orthodoxe Church was erected on an old soap factory.

Buidling work started on  October 6, 1809 CE/Ramadhan 21, 1224 Hejirah during the rule of the Minister "Kenj Yousef Pasha", the general governor of Syria and Tripoli. The governor of Tripoli at that time was Ali Beik el-As'ad, The head of the religious quart was Sheikh Khalil Barakeh, and the Moufti  was Abdullah Karameh. The Church was renovated and enlarged in the summer of 1938 CE.

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